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Collaboration between Real Hope Real Help and Level Up Plus, Inc.

Get intensive intervention for behavior and social/communication skills and education at the same time in the same location!

We are excited to announce that Real Hope Real Help and Level Up Plus are partnering to provide a unique program that combines Applied Behavior Analysis with 1:1 educational programming in a clinical setting. Level Up Plus provides individual educational instruction, consulting- and advocacy, while Real Hope Real Help serves children ages 3-19 and provides ABA services with specific goals to address the core symptoms of ASD and behavioral challenges that often interfere with education and learning.

In this unique partnership, your child will receive ABA services individual and collaboratively with an experienced teacher alongside trained BCBAs and Registered Behavior Technicians who will be present during instructional time to provide behavior support while working on educational goals.

This is an excellent option for children who are being homeschooled, and those for whom private or public schooling is not a good fit at this time. We will work with parents to develop future goals that may include getting your child ready for a private school setting, a public school, or a vocational track that will provide job opportunities. We also have options for parents to tap into nearby services that address physical fitness, counseling, speech therapy, and music therapy.

For those interested, please call Real Hope Real Help at 972-966-1079 for further details and contact Michael-Anne Van Horn, owner at Level Up Plus at 940-395-1600

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